Full stack is a card game that has taken quite some time to accomplish. I have made a lot of memories with my friends playing this game and I want other's to make the same. It's not every day you hear of a new card game you can play using a regular deck of cards. Read all the information below to learn how to play, make some memories and enjoy!

  • Players: 2+

  • Decks: 2+ with jokers

  • 1 player with basic math knowledge is required

✏️ Draw Scoreboard

NamePoints (avoid these)

Avoid eating the plate at all costs. If you hit 30 points on the board, you are out! Last one standing wins.

Jackflap is getting close to being out 😱

Let's Set The Table!

3 piles will occur during this game.

  • Server: Pick up cards here.

  • Plate: This is the playing area.

  • Eat: The cards that have already been played go here.

Serve out 4 cards to each player.
Dealer starts the plate.

♻️ Play Clockwise

Players place cards on the plate until it's full. The plate can only hold a total of 30 pancakes, if you cannot play you have to eat the plate.

🥞 Why.. Pancakes?

Pancakes are a great stackable food item!

= 5 pancakes
Cards 1-10 are pancakes on the plate.

👀 You CAN play duplicates.

Duplicates add a bigger loss to the plate 😈


Full Stack

  • Stack: Stacks add more points to the plate. Other players can also stack on top of your card plays to create stacks or add to existing.

  • Full Stack: WOW! +10 points to the plate and weighs 0 pancakes regardless of addition. Other players cannot stack on this.

➕ Gaining Points

The playing area holds 30 pancakes maximum.

This example is 3 points & the plate is at 30.

  • Duplicates: Duplicates are worth 1 point per card. This only counts if they are touching on the plate.

  • Eating: You will always get one point as a loss. If there are no stacks on the plate it will always be 1 point.

👄 If you CANNOT play, eat the plate!

You want to avoid the plates with a heavy point value as much as possible!

🃏 Face Card Index

Use face cards wisely, they bring benefits! 🧐

Wild Card

Wildcard chosen by the player and is between 1 to 10 pancakes. Cannot be played as face card.


The ace is either 1 or 11, the choice is up to the player.


Jack adds 10 to the plate and skips the next players turn.


A Queen counts as a 0 at all times. This card can almost get you out of anything besides served.


When a king is placed the last to place their king gets points. Everyone but the last played, earns points.

Avoid Getting Served!

When a king is played it instantly becomes a free for all for 5 seconds then the play is over. Only players with a king can play their king at the top to take the throne. Only the last person to place a king does not have to eat the plate. everyone else eats the plate and receives the info points for it. Kings also count as stacks and placing your king in free for all is optional.

🍴 Proper Table Etiquette

Some fun terminology for game play.

Pancaking - Card with no true purpose
Eating - No play and you need to eat the plate
Plate - Playing area
Stack - Duplicate cards played at same time
Full Stack - 4 of the same card played at once that adds no weight
Syrup - A move that does not add weight to the plate
Buttering - When the playing area is at 29 points and someone plays a 1 pointer to make it 30.

Show off your highest point round with #FullStacks on socials 😊

Available Online!

Full Stacks is currently available using PlayingCards.io

Full Story

This is a dream project.

Full Stack has had plenty of names over the years of development. As the creator I was never really sure what to do with it and I always thought it was a little tricky to explain. I never expected it to offer this much and create so many amazing memories with my friends. This game has a huge piece in my heart and I hope that it finds a little spot in yours as well.

It all started 1 year before college, this is over 7 years ago now. My friend Ty and I were extremely bored and we wanted something to do on a weekend. We were sick of playing beer pong over and over and wanted a new drinking game to play. Scrolling through all the online games offered using cards there wasn’t really anything we truly enjoyed playing. As we sat there wasting time I brought up the idea of playing a classic game called “31”. This game is another addition game that you add up to 31 in your hand and when you have something close then you knock for last call with potential of winning. This game didn’t really work for us with drinking since we were young and living that wild lifestyle. This is when full stacks was created. At the time we didn’t quite name it full stacks and just stuck with “31” for some reason. When naming it this, it was surely as a placeholder for something that related better down the line. When we created this concept, all face cards had no special value and we really only played by adding to 30 in the playing area. We played it this way for years and then my brother, Derek got involved a bit. While playing with him one day he cracked an algorithm that could determine who would lose every time. This made me hit the drawing board on how to defeat this algorithm. Face cards became a bonus rather than just all being the same. They offered a pro, and a con which makes the match undeterminable. By offering a pro and a con you can use strategy in this game to almost win every time, you have to be very smart to achieve this. While playing there is a lot of luck involved as well. Since you can play duplicates, this allows for 2+ pick ups from the deck. We were very happy with how it all turned out.

Far from home.

This game was still called 31 and I’m on my way to college which was 4 hours from home. I met an extremely amazing group of people up there, way too many to list here. During my time in college I introduced a lot of new people to this game. Living the college lifestyle, it was still a drinking game but I also wanted to have a family concept of it which I’ll tell you more about that later. This game was an instant hit! I played it weekly, if not almost daily with a lot of my good friends and we all had a blast. That's when I met my good friend, Kyle. We would play this game so much and find all new techniques on how to play. There are probably millions of different ways a match could go and there is no algorithm to calculate who will win. The highest a plate has ever gotten for Kyle and myself is 28. That's 28 points that had to be eaten!

Although it was really fun playing with Kyle all the time, I needed to find a way on how to get it out there further. College taught me one huge thing and that was how to communicate my projects. I wanted to make it easier to understand rather this game without having it rely on word of mouth alone. It’s hard just to rely on that especially with how it was explained. The game was so complex to us and it was hard to simplify it. Over time I worked on writing this all down but never getting anywhere with it. I set the project down for a while and started working on other projects.

My step brother, Justin used to play games with me all the time. He was younger but we would play on old consoles doing matches without online capabilities. It was a really fun household to be in because there was always some fun game going on. This is when I introduced the game to the step siblings and brought it back again. They loved it, we would play this game all the time having great memories. My other step brother, Jody would always be raging and laughing at the same time and my step sister, Brianna would somehow always have the good cards.. 🤔 That’s when I realized it was a great family game. We exchanged the drinks of course for points at the time and it worked great. The name 31 simply didn’t work because you could never truly get 31 in the game and it needed to have a fun name. I came up with the concept Attack or Stack which is what we briefly used.

The family game.

Attack or Stack was great but the way to explain the game was still extremely complex. People understand the game as soon as they play the first game but it is still hard to explain prior to setting up everything. As the pandemic hit I had a lot of time to really think about a lot of things. I was able to write it all out in a Google document but it was 5+ pages.. 😱 That cannot do at all because let’s face it, no one truly wants to read. The game Monopoly explains itself and there is a huge manual behind it. People can easily pick it up if they simply just play one game and that’s exactly how this game worked as well. As I registered the name Attack or Stack on mostly every social media, I realized I didn’t really like the name that much. My friends kept forgetting it, it was pretty hard to truly remember. This name didn’t stick around for too long but I liked the “stack” concept and worked with it.


Full Stack is a really natural concept. Over the years of playing this game, thousands of memories made and out of all the terms I would say this one was used the most. A lot of people would say the playing area was “full of stacks” which would scare other players. I chose pancakes to represent the game because it's very common to stack these up, especially with a bigger table. The game needed an easy way for people to discover it, make some memories for themselves and share it with other's. The game needed to be set free and history can decide on where it goes next with your help.

I know where it started,
I have no idea how it will end.

As the story expands, I will expand this page.

Big Goal

This is a dream project.

Full stack has come quite a long way since it's history has taken quite a trip. I figured putting it online was the best way for other's to enjoy it. Here is a list of goals that this game could possibly achieve. Some might be unrealistic but I will try to dedicate some time and money on meeting most of them. I only really have one goal at this time..

🎯 Tell 10,000 People

I know this might seem like an easy goal to achieve with today's social media but I don't mean over the internet. I would love to start sharing this around locally and maybe capture the attention of some project partners. I want other's to make memories the same way I did. I'm working on this goal every day and hopefully when local events open I can start visiting those and sharing it there.

If you are a fan of this game and would like to help, share this website with your friends so they have the chance of introducing it to their families. It's an amazing way to spend time with family.